Don’t Drown on Dry Ground

Don’t Drown on Dry Ground

Author: Abraham Woodliff 

Description: Poetry and short stories

The San Francisco Bay Area; a place where the weird and odd intersect with the beautiful and pristine. Where blue-collar folk drudge alongside tech millionaires and Internet influencers. The communities of this little slice of heaven are rich in multicultural history, slowly being swept aside by the steady march of technology and progress. Money talks and bullshit walks where the fog is omnipresent, and hyphy beats serenade the streets.

Don't Drown on Dry Ground takes readers on a journey through the heart of the Bay Area. It introduces you to the everyday conflicts the inhabitants face - homelessness, drug addiction, the 9-to-5 struggle, and just finding the willpower to deal with it all for one more day. People in the Bay are a unique breed. Raised in a place that has long been a Mecca for the disenfranchised, dozens of cultures blend and mixes to create a new species - one that embraces the true American philosophy of hard work, personal freedom, and social justice.


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